The Tournament Auction

About Us

Over the past few decades, the office pool has become a March Madness staple, with all types of people, from basketball wonks to sports laypeople, ponying up their entry fees and taking a guess at the 63 winners. Like anything, the office pool can stand a little competition. The tournament auction is not just a different version of an office pool--it is a fundamentally new way of rewarding basketball knowledge. On the following pages you will find what the tournament auction is, what sets it apart from the traditional office pool, and how you can set up your own.


A Brief History


The Tournament Auction vs. Traditional Office Pools


How It Works


The tournament auction that I propose differs somewhat from the Calcutta tournament auctions that have become increasingly popular in recent years. The most significant difference is that this auction allows participants to place simultaneous bets on different teams, whereas the Calcutta version auctions off one team at a time. Additionally, the Calcutta version is associated with wealthy individuals bidding tens of thousands of dollars on the top seeds, while this version accepts all sorts of budgets and bidding ranges. 



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